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The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo

演題 The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo
講演者 Dr. Jerome Gros (Department of Genetics Harvard Medical School, USA.)
使用言語 English
日時 2010年12月6日(月曜日) 14:00~
場所 バイオサイエンス研究科 大セミナー室

One of the most intriguing questions in developmental biology is how structures and organs adopt their three-dimensional shapes during embryonic development. Attaining the correct and dimensions of fields of cells within a developing organ is a requisite precondition setting the stage for subsequent patterning and differentiation events. Using a combination of classical embryology techniques, state of the art live imaging microscopy, cellular and molecular biology approaches, I will present data I have obtained on the cellular basis of morphogenesis in two complementary contexts: the formation of the vertebrate limb bud and the establ

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