English Seminars

December, 2023

12/05/2023 Theoretical model of membrane protrusions driven by curved active proteins
Dr. Nir Gov (Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel)

November, 2023

11/02/2023 Reconstituting and Powering Cell Division
Dr. Mohan K. Balasubramanian (Director, Institute of Advanced Study Professor, Warwick Medical School Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Division of Biomedical Sciences University of Warwick, U.K.)

October, 2023

10/20/2023 Live transcription imaging and novel sensor generation for unraveling phosphate sensing
Dr. Laurent Nussaume (Aix Marseille Univ., CEA, CNRS, BIAM, EBM, France)
10/11/2023 Dangerous liaisons: COP1 and DET1 regulatory loops in controlling plant development
Dr. Vicente RUBIO (Centro Nacional de Biotecnología-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

September, 2023

09/27/2023 Single-cell and spatial dissection of plant-microbe interactions​
Dr. Tatsuya Nobori, (The Salk Institute, CA USA)

July, 2023

07/14/2023 Endomembrane trafficking and cell wall biogenesis
Prof. Georgia Drakakaki
07/03/2023 1)Functions of protrusion-derived extracellular vesicles in development, cancer and beyond 2)Remote Control of Cell Signaling through Caveolae Mechanics
1)Dr. Gisela D‘Angelo (Doctor, Tenured Research Scientist CNRS) 2)Dr. Christophe Lamaze (Doctor, Research Director Inserm, CNRS)

June, 2023

06/21/2023 Regulation of cell division activities in developmental and regeneration processes in Arabidopsis
Zhang Ye 博士(バイオサイエンス領域 植物成長制御研究室 博士研究員)
06/16/2023 How to publish in the Nature Portfolio: tips and tricks for successful publication
Dr. David Favero (Associate Editor, Communications Biology)
06/14/2023 Regulation of SNAREs for Exocytic Trafficking in Plant Cells
Dr. Ying Fu (China Agricultral University, College of Biological Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Plant Environmental Resilience)
06/13/2023 Nitrogen Signaling Interactions (NxPxROS) and a new kind of GWAS
Dr. Gabriel Krouk (CNRS, France)
06/12/2023 Nitrogen signaling mechanisms modulating root gravitropism, metabolism and beyond
Dr. Hideki Takahashi, Michigan State University

May, 2023

05/09/2023 Structural and biochemical studies on biodegradable plastic-synthesizing PHA synthase (PhaC)
Dr. Chek Min Fey (Institute for Research Initiatives, Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

April, 2023

04/19/2023 Multi-invasion mediated rearrangements: Genome instability induced by non-allelic recombination
Prof. Wolf-Dietrich Heyer (Distinguished Professor and Chair University of California, Davis)
04/12/2023 From systems biology to disease and drug discovery
Dr. Priya S. Shah, Ph.D. (Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of California, Davis)

March, 2023

03/29/2023 Mechanical buffering and mechano-sensing through self assembly at the cell membrane
Dr. Pierre Sens (Research Director - CNRS & Team leader - Institut Curie from France)
03/06/2023 Revealing cambium stem cell behaviours during secondary growth in Arabidopsis
Dr. Dongbo Shi / 石 東博 博士 (Institute for Biochemistry and Biology, University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany)

January, 2023

01/20/2023 Defining conserved aspects of mitochondrial respiratory complex mechanism by surveying molecular biodiversity
Dr. James A. Letts, Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis
01/13/2023 Secrets of sex differences: epigenetic gene regulation in the germline
Dr. Satoshi H. Namekawa, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis