English Seminars

December, 2016

12/13/2016 Emerging perspectives on innate immune signaling and inter-organellar communication
Dr. Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar (Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences, University of California Davis)

November, 2016

11/28/2016 Design Principles and Self-Assembling Properties of a Plant Extracellular Interactome
Youssef Belkhadir,PhD (Group Leader, GMI-Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria)
11/22/2016 Noncoding RNAs at the heart of the imprinted Prader-Willi and Angelman syndrome locus
Dr. Janine LaSalle( Medical Microbiology and Immunology, UC Davis Genome Center, University of California Davis)
11/18/2016 Interplay and genetic control of Translesion Synthesis and Damage Avoidance pathways in E. coli.(Dr. Robert P. Fuchs) RecG controls DNA amplification at double-strand breaks and arrested replication forks.(Professor David Leach)
Dr. Robert P. Fuchs, CRCM, CNRS Marseille (France) Professor David Leach, Institute of Cell Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh (UK)

October, 2016

10/06/2016 International Workshop on Current Topics of Plant Cell Wall Research ~where should we go with plant cell walls?~
Dr. Olivier Hamant (Univ Cambridge) Dr. Takeshi Ishimizu (Ritsumeikan Univ) Dr. Toshiro Ito (NAIST) Dr. Debra Mohnen (Univ Georgia) Dr. Misato Ohtani (NAIST) Dr. Jérôme Pelloux (Univ Picardie)
10/05/2016 From functions to structures: Constraints on the cell chassis for synthetic biology 他
Antoine Danchin博士、Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition 他1名

September, 2016

09/23/2016 Crafting “function" from “form” by regulating cell proliferation and organizing the cytoskeleton in the making of the eye lens
Professor Roy Quinlan School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Durham, UK Chair Elect for GRC on Intermediate Filaments
09/16/2016 The E3 ligase Ubr1 deciphers N-terminal location codes for protein translocation quality control
Prof.Davis T.W. Ng  (Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore)
09/16/2016 新産業酵母ワークショップ
Dr. Vivien Measday(University of British Columbia, CANADA) 他3名
09/06/2016 Auxin and Rho-of-plant direct actin-mediated polar nuclear migration in Arabidopsis root epidermal hair cells
Dr. Moritaka Nakamura( Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, Plant Physiology, University of Potsdam)

July, 2016

07/04/2016 Control of entry and progression through meiosis
Prof. Arp Schnittger & Dr. Shinichiro Komaki(University of Hamburg, Germany)

May, 2016

05/18/2016 The complex path to site-specific actions of Focal Adhesion Kinases
Dr. Stefan T Arold(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)

March, 2016

03/25/2016 Phytohormone signaling networks in plant immunity
Dr. Kenichi Tsuda (Group Leader, Department of Plant Microbe Interactions, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)
03/08/2016 Ultrafast recycling of synaptic vesicles
Dr.Shigeki Watanabe 渡辺重喜先生 Department of Cell Biology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

February, 2016

02/26/2016 The bacterial Sec protein translocase: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations
Dr.Ana-Nicoleta Bondar Department of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin

January, 2016

01/27/2016 Inside the trichome treasure chest: An in depth analysis of Cannabis glandular trichomes
Dr. Teagen Quilichini(University of British Columbia, Department of Botany, Vancouver BC Canada)