Phytohormone signaling networks in plant immunity

Title Phytohormone signaling networks in plant immunity
Lecturer Dr. Kenichi Tsuda
(Group Leader, Department of Plant Microbe Interactions, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)
Language English
Date&Time 03/25/2016 (Fri) 15:30~16:30
Venue L13 lecture room
Detail Phytohormones are critical regulators of plant immunity as well as other physiological processes such as growth and other stress responses. For example, salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonates (JA) regulate the major portion of immunity against biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens, respectively, while abscisic acid (ABA) is important for tolerance against abiotic stresses such as salinity stress. Phytohormone signaling pathways do not function by themselves but intimately interact with each other, resulting in forming phytohormone signaling networks. The functions of networks rely on interactions within the network, but these mechanisms are difficult to study by simple genetic means because complex networks are more than the sum of their parts. We disassemble immune phytohormone signaling networks by systems approaches and network modeling to understand properties, structures, and dynamics of networks and to generate specific hypotheses to be tested. I will present our systems approaches for dissection of immune phytohormone signaling networks and molecular mechanisms for several important interplays between phytohormone signaling.

Contact 植物免疫学
西條 雄介 (

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