English Seminars

December, 2010

12/13/2010 Centromere competition after fertilization creates haploid plants
Dr. Simon Chan (Assistant Professor, U.C. Davis)
12/06/2010 The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo
Dr. Jerome Gros (Department of Genetics Harvard Medical School, USA.)

November, 2010

11/22/2010 Deconstructing a regulatory network: mathematical models of the global regulators of IncP1 plasmids
Assoc. Prof. Dov Stekel (School of Biosciences, The University of Nottingham)
11/22/2010 Antimicrobial metals- back to the future?
Assoc. Prof. Jon Hobman (School of Biosciences, The University of Nottingham)
11/19/2010 Seed dormancy in Arabidopsis: From genes to population genetics
Prof. Maarten Koornneef (Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)
11/19/2010 Seasonal Flowering in Annual and Perennial Plants
Prof. George Coupland (Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)
11/18/2010 Cell-based modeling of blood vessel growth
Dr. Roeland M. H. Merks (Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology (NISB)and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI))
11/16/2010 Endothelial morphogenesis and function during zebrafish development
Prof. Didier Stainier (The University of California, San Francisco)
11/02/2010 Role of dNTP pool size on spontaneous and induced mutagenesis.
Dr. Robert P Fuchs (CNRS Marseille, France)

October, 2010

10/20/2010 The regulation of intermediate filaments: a new function for the tumor suppressor Adenomatous Polyposis Coli
Dr. Yasuhisa Sakamoto (Institut Pasteur)

September, 2010

09/27/2010 The roles of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) in cardiac hypertrophy and subsequent left ventricular remodeling induced by pressure overload.
Dr. Ikuko Tsujimoto(Animal Molecular Genetics, NAIST)
09/06/2010 Manipulating Photosynthesis and Respiration to Enhance Plant Productivity in the 21st Century
Prof. Bernard Grodzinski (University of Guelph, Ontario)
09/06/2010 Take a Deep Breath: Signaling in Stomatal Patterning and Differentiation
Prof. Keiko Torii (Department of Biology, University of Washington)
09/02/2010 In vivo imaging and molecular mechanisms of oligodendrocyte development in zebrafish
Dr. Norio Takada (University of Colorado School of Medicine)

July, 2010

07/26/2010 A role of the SNARE protein VTI11 in intracellular iron efficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana
Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén (Molecular Plant Nutrition , Dept. Physiology & Cell Biology , Leibniz-Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research)
07/12/2010 LEAFY target genes reveal a direct link between external stimulus response and flower development
Dr. Doris Wagner (University of Pennsylvania)

June, 2010

06/21/2010 Possible physical mechanisms for initiating macroscopic left-right asymmetry in animals and plants
Prof. Christopher Henley (Department of Physics, Cornell University)
06/18/2010 The Road to Publication in The Plant Cell
Dr. Nancy A. Eckardt (THE PLANT CELL Senior Features Editor)
06/16/2010 Transcriptional regulation of floral meristem identity genes: A new pathway to initiate flower formation.
Dr. Ayako Yamaguchi (University of Pennsylvania)
06/11/2010 Development rooted in interwoven networks
Prof. Philip N. Benfey (Biology Department and IGSP Center for Systems Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC USA)
06/11/2010 Coordinating Growth Between Distant Appendages In Plants
Dr. Ken Birnbaum (Biology Department, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, New York University)
06/10/2010 Differential Metabolomics for Assessment of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Pretreatment in Strenuous Exercise: A Quantitative Model of Oxidative Stress
Dr. Philip Brits-McKibbin (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology McMaster University)
06/04/2010 Characterization of rice genes underlying broad-spectrum disease resistance QTLs
Prof. Shiping Wang (National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement Huazhong Agricultural University)
06/04/2010 Progress of Rice Functional Genomics Research in China
Prof. Qifa Zhang (National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement Huazhong Agricultural University)
06/01/2010 Cell fate specification in Arabidopsis early embryogenesis
Prof. Gerd Jurgens (ZMBP, University of Tubingen, Germany)

May, 2010

05/26/2010 Identification of new peptidoglycan inhibitors that potentiate carbapenem activity against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Dr. Lynn Miesel (Merck & CO.)
05/25/2010 Photomorphogenesis in plants: insights from time-lapse imaging and quantitative genetics.
Dr. Julin Maloof (Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology, University of California, Davis)
05/24/2010 Mathematical proof of biologists' intuition by a stochastic theory
Dr. Henri Jimbo (Department of Molecular Biology, Graduate School of Biological Sciences, NAIST)

April, 2010

04/02/2010 Diversity of epigenetic control in the FWA gene within the genus Arabidopsis
Dr. Ryo Fujimoto (Plant Industry, CSIRO, Australia)