The Road to Publication in The Plant Cell

Title The Road to Publication in The Plant Cell
Lecturer Dr. Nancy A. Eckardt (THE PLANT CELL Senior Features Editor)
Language English
Date&Time 06/18/2010 (Fri) 16:00~
Venue バイオサイエンス研究科 大セミナー室

The Plant Cell was founded on four key tenets: (1) to publish the most exciting, cutting-edge research in plant cellular and molecular biology, (2) to provide the most rapid turnaround time possible for reviewing and publishing a research paper, (3) to feature the highest quality reproduction of data, and (4) to provide, in the front section of the journal, a more interactive format for commentaries, opinion pieces, and the exchange of information and ideas in review articles, meeting reports, and insightful overviews of featured research papers. This talk will explore elements of these four tenets with an eye toward helping researchers to prepare manuscripts for submission and to better understand the editorial and review process that goes on behind the scenes at The Plant Cell.

Contact 形質発現植物学
田坂 昌生 (

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