The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo

Title The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo
Lecturer Dr. Jerome Gros (Department of Genetics Harvard Medical School, USA.)
Language English
Date&Time 12/06/2010 (Mon) 14:00~
Venue バイオサイエンス研究科 大セミナー室

One of the most intriguing questions in developmental biology is how structures and organs adopt their three-dimensional shapes during embryonic development. Attaining the correct and dimensions of fields of cells within a developing organ is a requisite precondition setting the stage for subsequent patterning and differentiation events. Using a combination of classical embryology techniques, state of the art live imaging microscopy, cellular and molecular biology approaches, I will present data I have obtained on the cellular basis of morphogenesis in two complementary contexts: the formation of the vertebrate limb bud and the establ

Contact 分子発生生物学講座
高橋淑子 (

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