Reconstituting and Powering Cell Division

Title Reconstituting and Powering Cell Division
Lecturer Dr. Mohan K. Balasubramanian (Director, Institute of Advanced Study Professor, Warwick Medical School Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Division of Biomedical Sciences University of Warwick, U.K.)
Language English
Date&Time 11/02/2023 (Thu) 15:00~16:00
Venue L12 meeting room

Two trillion cells divide every day in the human body, each one requiring a force-generating contractile actomyosin ring. CAR-based cytokinesis occurs widely in metazoans, fungi, and amoeba. The CAR assembles between segregated chromosomes and its constriction actuates division of one cell into two. The CAR is a highly dynamic device, with its core built from ~250,000 protein molecules (~100 different proteins), assembled precisely before cytokinesis and disassembled concomitantly with CAR constriction. In my talk, I will discuss the questions of what powers cell division, how the CAR contributes to force generation, and how CAR constriction drives PM ingression and division septum assembly.

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