Short term Internship

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Short-term internships are currently not offered. Instead, please visit the Lab Tour website where you can make an appointment to talk to professors at the Division of Biological Science.

Overview of short term Internship

NAIST’s Division of Biological Science holds BIO JUKU every March to allow undergraduate students, college-of-technology students, and students in the advanced course of a college of technology to experience the division’s cutting-edge research. However, some of these students may not be free to attend. For these students, we provide an as-and-when internship.

You attend this internship for two to three days at a laboratory of your choice. You can engage in research at the laboratory and interact with the staff and postgraduate students, giving you a taste of the enriched postgraduate life in the Division of Biological Sciences. The internship is also a great opportunity to get accurate information about what the teaching at the division is like, how to take the entrance examination, and how you can benefit from the generous career support services.

Those eligible Students (undergraduates, college-of-technology students, students in the advanced course of a college of technology, and master’s students) who wish to go on to the Division.
Period As and when the application is made.
How to apply Send an email that includes the information listed in the application instructions below to
Accommodation Accommodation is not provided.

Application instructions

To apply, send an email to stating the information listed below.

  1. Information about your educational institution (name, department, academic year)
  2. Contact email address
  3. Contact telephone number
  4. Your preferred laboratories and areas of science (please state multiple options).
  5. The dates when you are free for the internship (weekdays only).
  6. Your motivation for attending

If convenient, you may partake in research at multiple laboratories. See the list of laboratories for details about what research each lab conducts.

Please note that you will not be able to partake in research at the Collaborative Laboratory (the internship only covers the laboratories of NAIST’s Division of Biological Science). Please also note that some laboratories may be unavailable for the internship in certain circumstances.


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Short term Internship
Short term Internship
Short term Internship
Short term Internship