About us

Outline and features

The Division of Biological Science develops cutting-edge research and education on a wide range of life science studies, technically based on molecular biology and cell biology, and is comprised of Plant Science (9 laboratories), Biomedical Science (9 laboratories), and Systems Biology (7 laboratories), as of April 1, 2022.

The Plant Science laboratories aim to realize sustainable development of our society, and they cover areas from basic science to elucidate various biological functions of plant cells and whole plants, to application-oriented science to cope with problems concerning the environment, resources, energy, and food, by enhancing plant productivity and overcoming biotic and abiotic stresses.

The Biomedical Science laboratories aim to realize a society of health and longevity, and they cover areas from basic science on genomics, molecular pharmacology, and immunology at the cell and whole animal levels, to elucidating molecular mechanisms of neuronal and metabolic diseases and cancer.

The Systems Biology laboratories introduce novel approaches and methodologies for bioinformatics, nano-technology, and protein science, and develop innovative science technologies. Biological phenomena are perceived as “systems”, and are studied by both experimental approaches and systems science, along with structural biology-based approaches.