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Director BESSHO
BESSHO Yasumasa

The end of COVID-19 is coming. In the inconvenient three years, we have learned that science and technology can solve social problems; RNA vaccines have been developed surprisingly quickly, and distance learning has become familiar. However, it was also a period that made us aware of the inadequacy of science and technology, as we could not control the spread of COVID-19. In addition to viral infections, modern society has many problems that need to be addressed urgently in various fields, such as medicine, the environment, food, and energy.

On the other hand, RNA vaccines and distance learning were not developed after the pandemic, and each has a long history and a significant effort of development. It is necessary not only to tackle immediate problems but also to work on long-term, future-oriented issues, including basic research. Furthermore, for the sustainable development of society, the education of human resources for a science-based society is the most important.

The Division of Biological Science will insistently tackle critical problems with all-out efforts incorporating cutting-edge technologies while keeping an eye on global society. In addition, we will educate human resources by co-creating a wide range of fields, leading to a bright science-based society.