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Director UMEDA
UMEDA Masaaki

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the relationship between science and society has been increasingly highlighted. In the ancient Greece, science and philosophy were all in one, and among them, natural science was considered to be the epitome of science. This was because natural science was the academic field of examination which was motivated by intellectual curiosity about nature, and it was the origin of logical thinking. In the field of life sciences as well, many historical discoveries have been made through research activities that were motivated by intellectual curiosity. However, as the coronavirus pandemic has shown, biological scientists are increasingly facing difficult decisions concerning the future of humanity in modern society. As these decisions cover a wide range of fields including medicine, the environment, and food, young researchers who will be responsible for the future are required to have not only a comprehensive view and insight, but also the ability to create a concrete image of the future. In response to these social demands, we at the Division of Biological Science aim to foster human resources who can provide options for the future from a scientific perspective for the various issues confronting modern society, and who can transmit innovation to society in a true sense. Of course, the natural science based on intellectual curiosity, which has been continuously handed down from ancient Greece, still has the power to bring revolutionary breakthroughs in innovation. While recognizing the importance of such fundamental research, we will continue to lead the bioscience field in terms of both research and education. We greatly appreciate your guidance and encouragement.