Education Curriculum

Overseas English Training I or II

D1 doctoral students who demonstrate adequate English proficiency have the chance to attend an exchange program at UC Davis, where they will experience a leading American research environment. Through this experience, the students improve their ability to communicate in English to a global audience, a key requirement for engaging in research activities in the area of biological science research.

The students spend their time in the host laboratory at UC Davis’ College of Biological Sciences for around four weeks. During this time, they perform experiments and present and discuss their results with students and faculty. They also attend an English program at UC Davis Extension, in which they further develop their English and communication skills.

Because this is a homestay program (students stay with a host family in Davis), the students immerse themselves in the local culture and experience real, everyday English communication firsthand.

※From FY2018, Overseas English Training I or II includes Overseas Internship.

Event reports

Host institute College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis.
Program period 1/14/2019~2/9/2019
Place of stay Each student stays with a host family for the duration of the program. NAIST works with a local organization to arrange the homestays.

Event overview

FY2018 1/5/2019∼2/3
Number of participants:NZ 5
Number of participants:UCD 17
FY2017 1/6/2018∼2/4
Number of participants:NZ 4
Number of participants:UCD 16
FY2016 1/7/2017∼2/5
Number of participants:NZ 10
Number of participants:UCD 16
FY2015 1/16/2016∼2/5
Number of participants:UCD-Etype 11
Number of participants:NZ 5
Number of participants:NZ 5名、UCD-Ltype 15
FY2014 1/16/2015∼2/16
Number of participants:UCD-Etype 9、ECD-Ltype 7
FY2013 2/6/2014∼3/7
Number of participants:7