Education Curriculum

International Program

International Program (for students taking the Five-year Integrated Course)

The Five-year Integrated Course offers a robust curriculum coupled with thorough guidance to equip doctoral students for a career in academia or industry on the world stage. For their coursework, students attend classes according to their particular requirements, and they are supported in their research projects by instructors and top-notch researchers. All students on the course get hired as research assistants, making them eligible to receive financial support.

1. General English Language Programs

Test of English for International Communication?Institutional Program (TOEIC IP) You must take the TOEIC IP in every January.
Learning content First- and second-year students take at least two of six elective modules (e.g., Professional Communication I & II) according to their requirements. Students in years 3 through 5 can choose to attend modules according to their requirements.
Self-study throughout the five years: Online English self-study systems Students can use online English self-study systems (Xreading and Word Engine)in their free time for continuous English study.

2. International Bio-seminar (first- and second-year students) / International training III (third-, fourth- and fifth-year students)

This is a two-day intensive seminar by international academics who engage in cutting-edge research. The seminar offers an opportunity to learn and discuss the field of study in English, including the basics of that field and its specialized areas.

3. Bio Summer Camp (second-, third-, and fourth-year students) / Project management II (fourth-year students)

Every summer, students on the Five-year Integrated Course attend a camp at which they practice presenting and discussing research in English-an ability that will help them become globally fluent researchers.

4. Overseas Internship (Study Abroad)/ Overseas Language Training (Overseas English Training (third-year students)) (currently suspended)

This is an one-month internship at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), or a language study program at a school overseas.

5. Bio International Student Workshop (Seminar for International Workshop Planning (fourth-year students))

This is a program for students to present and discuss their research in English with students from the US and China.

6. UCD Retreat / International Training (fourth-year students)(on a irregular basis)

The two best performing attendees at the Summer Camp and Bio International Student Workshop (those who presented their research and handled questions the best) will earn a place being dispatched to the MCB Training Grant Retreat intended for graduate school students of the College of Biological Sciences of UC Davis.

7. UCD Online Seminar / International Training (third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students)

This is an online journal club series provided by connecting NAIST with UC Davis. Graduate students of both US and Japan attend the course remotely and read papers in turn.

8. Oral presentations at international conferences / International Training I (third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students)

Students who have delivered a presentation at one of the approved international conferences may be credited for International Training. This accreditation is intended to encourage students to hone their English-language presentation skills to enable them to communicate their research internationally. Students can apply for the accreditation by submitting the designated NAIST form.