Humanophilic Innovation Project

Prof. Demura
Associate Professor
Minoru KUBO

Outline of Research and Education

We promote seminal research for the creation of human life support systems in the “Humanophilic Innovation Project”. With this approach, we endeavor to create novel interdisciplinary research integrating the fields of material, biological and information science, and to produce researchers and engineers capable of solving the complicated problems facing the world and in the future. These achievements will be applied to develop new support systems for social activities such as agriculture and nursing care, in order to address the needs created by a low birth rate and an aging population.

Major Research Topics

Development of Monitoring Technology for Biological Activity

  • Development of micro photonic device dystem for organisms
  • Application of monitoring technology with portable devices

Development of ecological device system

  • Construction of nano devices using organic super molecules
  • Production of green materials using synthetic biology

Creation of human life support systems

  • Application of ubiquitous computing systems
  • Integration of achievements in monitoring technology and ecological device systems


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Fig.1 Development of monitoring technology for biological activity. Monitoring brain activity and action of a mouse with a micro photonic device.
Fig.2 Development of ecological device system. Micrographs of a cell wall of Arabidopsis mutant's modified production of cellulose as a green material by genome breeding.
Fig.3 Development of ecological device system. Controlling density of organic super molecule ferritin for development of new eco devices.
Fig.4 Creation of human life support system. Demonstration of a context awareness system and monitoring of human activity in a “smart home”
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