C.JF さん/博士課程1年(D1)


  • 統合システム生物学分野
  • 大学学部卒
  • 寮生
  • 留学生
Why did you choose Division of Biological Science at NAIST?

Previously, I had the opportunity to participate in the Pre-screening examination and lab rotation in NAIST. From the lab rotation, I have deep motivation to join the laboratory of Environmental Microbiology.

What do you like about Division of Biological Science at NAIST?

In division of Biological science at NAIST, each laboratory is working on the projects triggering the advanced development of bioscience and technology from different fields, including plant, mammal or microbes.

What is your research topic?

My research topic is about proteomics-based identification of the factors involved in PET metabolism of Ideonella sakaiensis and its functional characterization.

How is the atmosphere in your lab?

The atmosphere is good, and the lab members are all very kind and helpful. The sharing of the daily life (other than research) is somehow limited due to the language barrier between international students and japanese students.

What are your goals for the future?

Be an active researcher in the industry, make full use of my knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to work as a team with my colleagues in solving the current environmental crisis.

What are your recomended place to eat around NAIST?

Sushiro, 台湾料理

What are your favorite places around NAIST?

Albert Einstein building (indication of the advanced sciences) with Momiji leaves (Indication of the bright hope). It motivates the positive vibe: Keep moving, don't give up, it would be a fruitful moment soon.

What are your tips for enjoying life at NAIST?

Work-life balance is very important. Research life is challenging, and hence having the quality rest and relaxing time is important for self-development and mental durability in handling the challenging PhD life.

How comfortable is the dormitory?

Overall, It is worth with the price, and pretty comfortable. It is located within walking distance to the school, and hence very convenient for the research. However, It is slightly small and so the kitchen area is not so convenient for cooking. Extra care need to be taken for the sound as the wall between the rooms is relatively thin and less soundproof. The basic equipment available (eg. aircon, mattress) varies from room to room when first arrived to the dormitory.

What is your motto?

  • The harder you work, the luckier you are.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection.

Please praise yourself!

Believe in yourself, you learn more from failure than from success. Failure and uncertainty is common.

Tell us about something you think that only you have experienced.

Being an active and sporty researcher. (Before coronavirus pandemic) I have actively participated to martial arts (including self-defence, sparring, and demonstration for the international friendly meeting), as well as organized dance cardio workout and yoga lessons in NAIST. I have ever cosplayed into 'Harley Quinn' for an annual Halloween Party in NAIST. Besides, I have also joined some volunteer activities outside NAIST, such as Wai Wai World, to introduce my country and cultures to the students and parents.


※The content of this interview is current at the time of publication.