Putri さん

Putri さん/博士課程1年(D1)


  • 植物科学分野
  • 大学院修士卒
  • 寮生
  • 留学生
Why did you choose Division of Biological Science at NAIST?

In my home country, Indonesia, I observed that my teachers, who were NAIST alumni, were among the outstanding researchers at the university where I pursued my Master's degree. I wanted to know how they were trained when they studied at NAIST. I hope to be at least like them when I return to Indonesia.

What is your research topic?

I study the phenomenon of hybrid vigor. This is a phenomenon where the first generation of an intraspecies cross shows better performance than both parents, which in our study means higher biomass. We are trying to find the key regulator genes in this study.

How was the experience of changing your research field?

Previously, I did research using rice with the same big theme of increasing productivity. Currently, I'm doing research using Arabidopsis, which is a very popular model plant. A lot of databases are available and accessible, and that helps us a lot.

How is the atmosphere in your lab?

In our lab, the research atmosphere is very well developed. Each student has their own research responsibilities. We were given the flexibility to set our own hours, but everyone was very concerned about their own research goals. We have quite complete facilities in our lab, and most importantly, we work in direct coordination with mentors so that we avoid going on the wrong track or being misled in research.

What are your goals for the future?

Become a productive researcher and a balanced person in family life. Before going back to being a researcher in my home country, I want to have experience doing research at other international research institutions.

What are your favorite places around NAIST?

NAIST is located in Nara but close to Osaka. We usually go to Osaka to walk around and find more halal restaurant options.

How comfortable is the dormitory?

My dormitory is only 5 minutes walk from the lab. As an international student, I am greatly helped by the existence of a dormitory because I don't have to look for one myself in a location that might be a bit far from NAIST. The lab is like a second home because we can come anytime outside of office hours.

(July, 2023)

※The content of this interview is current at the time of publication.