Afi さん

Afi さん/博士課程2年(D2)


  • 植物科学分野
  • 大学院修士卒
  • 寮生
  • 留学生
Why did you choose Division of Biological Science at NAIST?

Biotechnology has been one of the most popular graduate programs in recent times. Biotechnology refers to controlled change or manipulation of biological systems to be used for the betterment of human society. Japan has one of the most developed biotechnology sectors in the world, as evidenced by the high number of patents filed.

What is your research topic?

1’acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA) is a bio-active compound from Alpinia galangal with many medicinal properties, including anti-cancer, gastroprotective, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory activities. I am trying to elucidate the mechanisms of how ACA suppresses inflammatory responses.

How was the experience of changing your research field?

Change isn't always easy. Previously, I studied animal science, and after joining NAIST, my research was about immunology. However, I like to exert myself to learn something new. Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

How is the atmosphere in your lab?

My peers at Molecular Immunobiology Laboratory have always helped provide training and assistance in research. We have enjoyed multiple occasions, and they have introduced me to various Japanese cultures through parties or casual conversations.

What are your goals for the future?

When I graduate from NAIST and return to my country, I will work with National Research and Innovation Agency to improve the quality of research in Indonesia. There is a tendency to overlook the potential of basic research in Indonesia. My mission is to educate students about the importance of basic research based on the knowledge I have acquired in Japan. Also, by studying in Japan, I would like to develop a wide range of research fields that have not received much attention in Indonesia. In particular, I strongly desire to open up research on immune regulation to the of Indonesia. By studying in Japan, I want to get closer to that goal.

What are your recomended place to eat around NAIST?

As a Muslim, I have to go to Osaka or Nara to find a Halal restaurant. However, we can easily obtain halal food or snack at Gyomu Super and at the convenience store inside NAIST itself!

What are your favorite places around NAIST?(fun places, highlights)

Ikoma Sanroku Park is one of the best parks around NAIST. The most favorite facility is field athletics, where we can challenge ourselves to complete all 30 courses. Wakakusa Mountain is easy to climb to enjoy nature, and we can enjoy the weather with many deers at the top.

What are your tips for enjoying life at NAIST?

Express yourself and make new friends. Maybe it takes a little more effort due to the language barrier. However, your daily life will be more fun when you can make it. Also, please join a sports club or a volunteer group. You You'll have to put yourself out there to find your new community.

How comfortable is the dormitory?

The family dormitory I have lived in is very comfortable. Even though the space is not so big, it is more than enough two live with my kids. It is also located in the same area as the university, so we can focus on doing research until late at night without any worry regarding transportation.

(July, 2023)

※The content of this interview is current at the time of publication.