Bioimaging using X-rays

Title Bioimaging using X-rays
Lecturer Prof. Jung Ho Je(Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Language English
Date&Time 01/15/2014 (Wed) 16:00~17:00
Venue Large seminar room
X-ray imaging has been emerging in life science [1] as well as materials science [2], mostly due to high penetration capability of hard x-rays that enables one to visualize thick and live biological specimen in real-time. X-ray imaging produces images of very high quality, in particular, for whole organs with high resolution. In this seminar, principle of x-ray imaging will be introduced, mainly focusing on phase contrast imaging that vividly provides images of various biological samples with high resolution. [3] Applications of x-ray imaging will be then demonstrated for i) 3-D microarchitecture of cerebella and Purkinje cell dendrites in reeler mice [4], ii) acervuli in human pineal gland [5], and iii) defective folliculogenesis in female mice ovaries [6]. A tracking X-ray microscopy, recently developed in our laboratory for visualization of alveolar dynamics in live intact mice in /in-situ/ and /real-time/, will be also introduced. [7]

Finally, a fast microtomography, recently developed for real-time 3-D imaging [8], will be introduced. Based on the fast microtomography, we were able to visualize various types of cells of an Arabidopsis root in 3-dimension during root growth in water.

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