World Wide Research Network of Wanner’s lab ~ Past, Present and Future Work

Title World Wide Research Network of Wanner’s lab ~ Past, Present and Future Work
Lecturer Dr. Jun Teramoto(Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, Barry Wanner Lab.)
Language English
Date&Time 03/11/2013 (Mon) 10:30~11:45
Venue Large seminar room
There are various people, labs, and organizations that contribute to my work. At this seminar, I will introduce my research with Professor Wanner and discuss ongoing projects with collaborators. There are four different aspects of the Wanner lab's work, and the work of others that I demonstrate the array of our ongoing studies. First, I will describe our current work on tool development for the minimum cell project, transcriptome profiling in E. coli, and a two-step method to modify chromosomal genes; this project was my motivation to go abroad and study in the Wanner lab. I will then introduce the work that other members of the lab are doing with collaborators. Next, I will talk about some of the projects being pursued in Church lab at Harvard Medical School with a focus on the work of my lab mates in room233. Their projects illustrate the wide variety of research directions in the Church lab, but also highlight important collaboration efforts. Finally, I will address the next research steps we want to take, experimental design with collaborators, and plan how to take advantage of the wealth of bio-resources available to us.
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