Towards development of a simplified cell.

Title Towards development of a simplified cell.
Lecturer Prof.Barry L. Wanner(purdue University Department of Biological Sciences)
Language English
Date&Time 01/28/2011 (Fri) 13:30~15:00
Venue バイオサイエンス研究科 D105(中セミナー室)

Many decades of basic research in biology have led not only to in-depth understanding of fundamental life processes but also to how to manipulate them. Recent advances in genetic engineering, “recombineering,” especially of bacteria have given rise to the field of synthetic biology as the new dogma. Our ability to manipulate life is nowadays limited only by our imagination.

In this seminar, I will propose how we can develop a new simplified cell that can be a powerful platform with vast applications in industry, our environment, and development of renewable resources. I will also discuss biosafety issues that can be associated with development of a simplified cell and containment procedures that can be implemented.

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