Prokaryotic Genome Regulation: Multi-factor Promoters, Multi-target Regulators and Regulation Networks

Title Prokaryotic Genome Regulation: Multi-factor Promoters, Multi-target Regulators and Regulation Networks
Lecturer Prof. Akira Ishihama(Hosei University, Department of Frontier Bioscience)
Language English
Date&Time 07/13/2011 (Wed) 15:00~16:00
Venue 大講義室
The classic model of transcription regulation of individual genes was established using a single and homogenous model prokaryote such as Escherichia coli. This classic model is being challenged after the shift or research frontier towards understanding the genome regulation under various stressful conditions in nature. Using the newly developed strategies and tactics, a systematic study is being carried out in our laboratory for identification of the regulation target promoters, genes and operons under the control of each of 300 transcription factors in E. coli, and of the transcription factors involved in regulation of each of 2,000 promoters within the E. coli genome. Results indicate that: a number of E. coli promoters are regulated by as many as more than 10 transcription factors as in the case of eukaryotes; the number of regulation targets by a single transcription factor is more than those hitherto recognized, ranging up to hundred targets for several global regulators; and the multi-factor promoters and the multi-target transcription factors are being assembled into the multi-factor network of transcription regulation. In this workshop, I will overview the current state of our Genomic SELEX screening of regulation targets by E. coli transcription factors with known and unknown regulatory functions.

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