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Fontip Mahayot さん

  • Senior researcher of R&D (New business creation) at Kao consumer product Southeast Asia
  • 2021年度(博士) Cell Signaling Laboratory


Fontip Mahayotさんの近況写真

I am Fontip from Thailand. My journey at NAIST kicked off in 2018. I could not imagine how fast time was flying during my years here. As a student, I felt that my success here lies in the fact that the experiences came in a package with a list of challenges and good memories.

Since I was an undergraduate, I heard about NAIST from my advisor, Assoc. Prof. Siripong Thitamadee. He is an alumnus of NAIST under the supervision of Prof. Takashi Hashimoto. After earning a master's degree, he introduced me to a NAIST special recommendation program for a doctoral degree. I loved how this program is designed for students to do lab rotations and discuss in person with professors before committing to a specific field of study. I think this was the turning point that had put an impact on my interest in the field of cell signaling in fission yeast under the supervision of Prof. Kazuhiro Shiozaki.

In my first months in Shiozaki’s lab, I still found it difficult to get involved in research because I lacked knowledge and technical skills. Looking back then, I was so grateful for all the lab members who I could seek help and support. Even more, I always treasure my supervisor, Kaz. He dedicated his time and effort during the weekends to giving me extra lectures and discussions that helped to sharpen my idea in research. It was perhaps the most personal motivation for doing my Ph.D. Aside from the expert field, NAIST is also a place where I made good friends from Thailand and other countries. It was a good opportunity to understand people from different cultural backgrounds and learn to embrace diversity.

After graduating, I continued to work as a researcher at Pharmafoods company in Japan for months. Then, I decided to return home country where I am now working as a senior researcher of R&D (New business creation) at Kao consumer product Southeast Asia. Although my current job is not in the area related to my study, the thinking process, knowledge, and skills that I have trained through the doctoral course are truly beneficial to me in the way I grew up and became sharper than before. I believe that, not only me, NAIST brings values and help to open up opportunities for students’ future professions.




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