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Research Projects

1. Novel stress-tolerant mechanisms of yeast cells and their applications for breeding of industrial yeast

2) N-Acetyltransferase Mpr1: Antioxidative mechanism, structural and functional analysis

The Mpr1 gene found in S. cerevisiaeS background strain encodes a novel N-acetyltransferase that detoxifies the Pro analogue azetidine-2-carboxylate (AZC). Many yeasts and fungi contain its homologous genes, suggesting that Mpr1 is widely present in eukaryotic microorganisms. Previously, we found that Mpr1 protects yeast cells by regulating ROS levels under oxidative stress conditions. So, we proposed that Mpr1 is a novel antioxidant enzyme that acetylates the unknown substrate involved in ROS generation. Mpr1 converts the Pro catabolism intermediate L-Δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylic acid (P5C)/L-glutamate-γ-semialdehyde (GSA) into N-acetyl-GSA for arginine (Arg) synthesis, and more importantly, regulates ROS levels by acetylating P5C/GSA involved in ROS generation. Mpr1 was also found to convert the Pro analogue cis-4-hydroxy-L-proline (CHOP) into N-acetyl CHOP, which might be a new anticancer prodrug, instead of toxic CHOP. We recently determined the 3D structure to understand the catalytic reaction mechanism of this unique enzyme. Mpr1 protects yeast cells from oxidative stresses possibly by activating a novel L-arginine (Arg) biosynthesis. We currently try to identify the cellular substrate in the Arg synthetic pathway. We also engineer Mpr1 to enhance functions by the structure-based design. For example, the stable Mpr1 variant (Asn203Lys) was suggested to contributes to the construction of new industrial yeast strains with improved fermentation ability and diversity of taste and flavor.

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