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Research outcomes

Research outcomes

A master's course student, Azusa Takeuchi (Structural Life Science), received JTRA 2020 Best Oral Presentation Award.

The JTRA 2020 Best Oral Presentation Award is given to outstanding oral presenters, which were selected from the researchers who have obtained a doctoral degree in the last eight years or students, at the annual meeting of Japan Transporter Research Association (JTRA). Azusa Takeuchi made an oral presentation of a study on a transporter YeeE published in Science Advances (see below). In this study, it was found that YeeE functions as a thiosulfate transporter, and its functional analyses were performed. The crystal structure of YeeE shows a sophisticated hourglass-like structure for thiosulfate transport, implying an unprecedented molecular mechanism of thiosulfate uptake.

Related original paper

Tanaka Y, Yoshikaie K, Takeuchi A, Ichikawa M, Mori T, Uchino S, Sugano Y, Hakoshima T, Takagi H, Nonaka G and Tsukazaki T.
Crystal structure of a YeeE/YedE family protein engaged in thiosulfate uptake. Sci. Adv. 6, eaba7637 (2020)


Structural Life Science

( February 15, 2021 )