Research outcomes

Doctoral student Jonathan Lim Jun-Yong (Organ Developmental Engineering),
was selected for the Young Scientist Award for The 67th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

The Young Scientist Award is awarded to members of JALAS, age of 35 or younger, to foster and encourage research in experimental animal science. In his research, he focused on expressing Cas9 under organ-specific genes, in combination of cell death -inducing guide RNA. He focused on generating thymus-deficient mouse model. Results suggest that CRISPR/Cas9 system has a potential as a novel system to induce cell death although much improvements are still needed before applying this method to other organs.


I would like to thank the organizing committee of the 67th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science for presenting me with this Young Scientist Award. My deepest appreciation to my mentor Isotani-sensei and Yuri-san, throughout the whole experimental process, and all members of Isotani lab. I also thank God and my family members which played a big role in my research journey. I am very pleased to receive this award and it has definitely boosted my motivation in conducting more high-quality scientific research for the benefit of mankind.

Organ Developmental Engineering


( August 25, 2020 )