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Papers related to doctoral thesis

Papers related to doctoral thesis

The followings are the papers related to doctoral thesis of NAIST students in our group.

  1. Kastian RF, Minegishi T, Baba K, Saneyoshi T, Katsuno-Kambe H, Saranpal S, Hayashi Y and Inagaki N, (2021)
    Shootin1a-mediated actin-adhesion coupling generates force to trigger structural plasticity of dendritic spines, Cell Rep, 35, 109130. (LINK)(EurekAlert!)(NAIST HP)
  2. Huang, L., Urasaki, A. and Inagaki N. (2019)
    Rab33a and Rab33ba mediate the outgrowth of forebrain commissural axons in the zebrafish brain, Sci. Rep. 9:1799. (LINK)
  3. Minegishi T., Uesugi Y., Kaneko N., Yoshida W., Sawamoto K., Inagaki N. (2018)
    Shootin1b mediates a mechanical clutch to produce force for neuronal migration, Cell Rep 25, 624-639 (LINK)(EurekAlert!)(ScienceDaily)(Medicalxpress)
  4. Baba, K., Yoshida, W., Toriyama, M., Shimada, T., Manning, C.F., Saito, M., Kohno, K., Trimmer, J.S., Watanabe, R., and Inagaki, N. (2018)
    Gradient-reading and mechano-effector machinery for netrin-1-induced axon guidance. eLife 2018;7:e34593.(LINK)(EurekAlert!)(ScienceDaily)(MedicalXpress)(Neuroscience News)(Faculty of 1000 prime special significance)
  5. Abe, K., Katsuno, H., Toriyama, M., Baba, K., Kanemura, Y., Watanabe, R. and Inagaki, N. (2018)
    Grip and slip of L1-CAM on adhesive substrates direct growth cone haptotaxis, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, doi:10.1073/pnas.1711667115 (LINK)(Medicalxpress)(ScienceDaily)(EurekAlert!)(AsianScientist)
  6. Higashiguchi, Y., Katsuta, K., Minegishi, T., Yonemura, S., Urasaki, A., Inagaki, N. (2016)
    Identification of a shootin1 isoform expressed in peripheral tissues, Cell and Tissue Research 366, 75-87 (LINK)(Get PDF)
  7. Kubo, Y., Baba, K., Toriyama, M., Minegishi, T., Sugiura, T., Kozawa, S., Ikeda, K., and Inagaki, N. (2015)
    Shootin1-cortactin interaction mediates signal-force transduction for axon outgrowth. J Cell Biol. 210, 663-676. (LINK)
  8. Katsuno, H., Toriyama, M., Hosokawa, Y., Mizuno, K., Ikeda, K., Sakumura, Y, and Inagaki, N. (2015)
    Actin migration driven by directional assembly and disassembly of membrane anchored actin filaments, Cell Reports 12, 648-660.(LINK)(Issue Highlights)
  9. Nakazawa, H., Sada T, Toriyama M, Tago K, Sugiura T, Fukuda M and Inagaki N. (2012)
    Rab33a mediates anterograde vesicular transport for membrane exocytosis and axon outgrowth. J. Neurosci. 32, 12712-12725.(LINK)
  10. Mori, T., Wada, T., Suzuki, T., Kubota, Y., Inagaki, N. (2007)
    Singar1, a novel RUN domain-containing protein, suppresses formation of surplus axons for neuronal polarity, J. Biol. Chem. 282, 19884-19893.(Selected as a paper of the week)(LINK)(Faculty of 1000 Exceptional)
  11. Toriyama, M., Shimada, T., Kim, K-B., Mitsuba, M., Nomura, E., Katsuta, K., Sakumura, Y., Roepstorff, P., and Inagaki, N. (2006)
    Shootin1: a protein involved in the organization of an asymmetric signal for neuronal polarization.J. Cell Biol. 175, 147-157.(LINK)

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