Laboratory of Systems Neurobiology and Medicine


Ria Fajarwati Kastian


My study is focusing on the formation and plasticity of dendritic spines. Dendritic spines are tiny actin-enriched protrusions emanating from dendritic shafts that constitute the major compartments of excitatory post-synapses. Activity-dependent spine enlargement underlying the process of learning and memory in the brain. Elucidating the molecular mechanism of spine enlargement can provide new targets for therapeutics of several mental disorders or neurodegenerative diseases.


Hobby:I love travelling and taking picture of the nature.

Favorite food:Spicy foods, umami-rich foods, Fruits.

Favorite word:The motivation is to make the world better for other people, in huge ways or in small ways. It doesn’t really matter how big your impact is, as long as your impact is positive and help others.

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