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Professor Satoko Yoshida

Satoko Yoshida

Doctor of Science at The University of Tokyo. After studying mutualistic symbioses between plants and microbes in The Sainsbury Laboratory (JIC) in UK and Munich University in Germany, I started researches on parasitic plants in Orobanchaceae in RIKEN. Associate professor in NAIST from 2016.

Email satokoy[at]bs.naist.jp

Assistant Professor Songkui Cui

Songkui Cui

Songkui received his PhD in molecular biology from National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) in Japan where he studied organelle biogenesis and interactions. He conducted postdoctoral work at RIKEN and Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying parasitic plant-host plant interaction.

Assistant Professor Mina Ohtsu

Mina Ohtsu

2017: Doctor of Science at Nagoya University

2017-2021: Postdoctoral scientist/JSPS oversea fellow in John Innes Centre (UK)

2021- : Assist. Prof. in NAIST

I’ve studied plant-microbe interaction (i.e. between plant and fungi or plant parasitic nematode) so far. My favorite is cyst nematode! Now, I am newly studying about parasitic plant as well.

Email mina.o[at]bs.naist.jp

Assistant Professor Shoko Inaba

Shoko Inaba

Ph.D. in Agriculture

Interest: Mineral nutrient in plant-microbe symbiosis

Dream: To discover unknown transport system in plant-plant or plant-microbe symbiosis


Kaori Furuta

Syogo Wada


Yuko Yoshimura

Maki Nozaki


Kee Yee Jia (D2)

Tomohiro Kawai (D2)

Zhang Xiang (D2)

Mafrikhul Muttaqin (D1)

Xiang Lei (D1)

Natsumi Aoki (D1)

Abu Bakar Moho Hafifi Bin (D1)

Momoko Yamaji (M2)

Tomoaki Ota (M2)

Yusa Kashiwase (M1)

Natsuki Sato (M1)

Mizuki Tanaka (M1)

Mengqi Cui (Research student)

Yanmei Li (Research student)


May, 2021

Nurebanumu Abudukelimu (Research assistants)

March, 2021

Mio Aizawa

March 〜 August, 2020

Auriane Fischer (Internship student)

March, 2019

Tomoya Kubota

Midori Tanizawa

March, 2019

Shota Shimada

Natsumi Masumoto

March, 2018

Natsumi Watanabe