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Performance list


  1. Matsumura T, Endo T, Isotani A, Ogawa M, Ikawa M. (2019) An azoospermic factor gene, Ddx3y and its paralog, Ddx3x are dispensable in germ cells for male fertility. J Reprod Dev 65: 121-128.
  2. Oura S, Miyata H, Noda T, Shimada K, Matsumura T, Morohoshi A, Isotani A, Ikawa M. (2019) Chimeric analysis with newly established EGFP/DsRed2-tagged ES cells identify HYDIN as essential for spermiogenesis in mice. Exp Anim 68: 25-34.
  3. Inoue N, Ogura S, Kasai A, Nakazawa T, Ikeda K, Higashi S, Isotani A, Baba K, Mochizuki H, Fujimura H, Ago Y, Hayata-Takano A, Seiriki K, Shintani Y, Shintani N, Hashimoto H. (2018) Knockdown of the mitochondria-localized protein p13 protects against experimental parkinsonism. EMBO Rep ;pii: e44860.
  4. Isotani, A.,Matsumura, T., Ogawa, M., Tanaka, T., Yamagata, K., Ikawa, M., and Okabe, M. (2017) A delayed sperm penetration of cumulus layers by disruption of acrosin gene in rats. Biol Reprod 97: 61-68.
  5. Isotani, A., Yamagata, K., Okabe, M., and Ikawa, M. (2016) Generation of Hprt-disrupted rat through mouse←rat ES chimeras. Sci Rep 6: 24215.
  6. Isotani, A., Hatayama, H., Kaseda, K., Ikawa, M., and Okabe, M. (2011). Formation of a thymus from rat ES cells in xenogeneic nude mouse<-->rat ES chimeras. Genes Cells 16, 397-405.
  7. Isotani, A., Nakanishi, T., Kobayashi, S., Lee, J., Chuma, S., Nakatsuji, N., Ishino, F., and Okabe, M. (2005). Genomic imprinting of XX spermatogonia and XX oocytes recovered from XX<-->XY chimeric testes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102, 4039-4044.
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  1. Isotani A, Nakanishi T, Kobayashi S, Lee J, Chuma S, Nakatsuji N, Ishino F and Okabe M. 「GEBOMIC IMPRINTING OF XX GERM CELLS RECOVERED FROM XX↔XY CHIMERIC TESTES」、『Society for the Study of Reproduction』、M715、Quebec, Canada、(July 2005)
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  4. Isotani A, Kobayashi S, Mise N, Nakanishi T, Ikawa M, Abe K and Okabe M. 「Differentiation of XX germ cells in testicular environment」、『International Symposium on Germ Cells, Epigenetics, Reprogramming and Embryonic Stem Cells』、A12、京都、2005年11月
  5. Isotani A, Nakanishi T, Kobayashi S, Lee J, Ishino F and Okabe M. 「Analysis of genomic imprinting using XX↔XY chimeric mice」、『近畿大学21世紀COEプログラム「食資源動物分子工学研究拠点」第4回国際シンポジウム』、#20、和歌山、2004年9月、(優秀賞受賞)
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