Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Division of Biological Science

Organ Developmental Engineering -Isotani Lab-


Associate Professor Ayako Isotani

Xenogeneic chimeras might be thought unrealistic animals which are appeared in computer games and SF cartoons. However, recently, they are used as a tool of the study of life science by the progress of the developmental engineering.

As a researcher, I also aim to study leading to the future using developmental engineering.

Assistant Professor Syunsuke Yuri

My research goal in this lab is to make a functional organ by using Xenogeneic chimera.


D1 Gema Puspa Sari

I am from Indonesia. My goal is to develop chimeric animal models to solve the health problem worldwide. I believe that the biomedical research is an important step to improve human health in the future.

M2 Yoshihiro Hirao

hobby : Tennis / Nogizaka 46

message : I will make exertions. Thanks for putting up with me.

M2 Syun Kawaguchi

We are studying autoimmune diseases of heterologous chimeric animals and aim to elucidate the cause. My hobbies are reptiles and games.

M2 Yuki Kishimoto

I like cell observation. I also like Pokémon video games.

M1 Jonathan Lim Jun-Yong

I am from Malaysia. I am interested to produce chimeric models to study the mechanism of immune system. I believe that through education, we can make give the next generation a better future.

M1 Ippei Kanatani

I like animals and have a beagle and goldfish. I am on a diet, so I walk now for around one hour on weekdays.

M1 Tatsuya Nakagawa

My hobbies are sleeping and playing games. I will try hard in a new environment.

M1 Yuya Hatakeyama

In a new environment, I am trying my best while feeling growth by learning things I do not know.

M1 Nami Yamamoto

I like many kinds of animals, especially reptiles and dogs. Recently I play tennis or watch movies in my free time. At the undergraduate, I was learning about the environmental management. I'll do my best at NAIST.