Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Division of Biological Science

Organ Developmental Engineering -Isotani Lab-


Associate Professor Ayako Isotani

Xenogeneic chimeras might be thought unrealistic animals which are appeared in computer games and SF cartoons. However, recently, they are used as a tool of the study of life science by the progress of the developmental engineering.

As a researcher, I also aim to study leading to the future using developmental engineering.

Assistant Professor Syunsuke Yuri

My research goal in this lab is to make a functional organ by using Xenogeneic chimera.


M2 Daiki Sakata

During my undergraduate years, I tried to major in chemistry in the Faculty of Engineering. I like anime, games, and sports. I would like to grow by putting myself in a new environment.

M2 Sun Jiazhen

I’m from China. It can let me feel the excited inside when experiencing a new life in a new environment. Accumulating a variety of insights can be one of the most meaningful things in life. I think the study and research of Organ Developmental allows me to see more possibilities of the future.

M2 Takumi Nakahira

I used to play basketball from elementary school to the 4th grade of technical college. I would like to have a fun school life while balancing my research and personal life.

M2 Minori Shibahara

My hobbies are playing bass, manga, and watching sports. I went to NAIST because I wanted to learn about the latest biomedical science in an excellent environment.

M1 Patrick Hilario

I’m from the Philippines. Through scientific research, I aim to contribute new insights and discoveries on organ development using xenogeneic chimeras. I believe that by better understanding the mysteries surrounding developmental processes, we will be able to gain access to immeasurable potential in terms of their applications for humanity. Oh, and I also love Japanese food!

M1 Shoki Otsuka

I have a great deal of anxiety because I am in an environment that is very different from that of my undergraduate major (mathematics), but I want to enjoy my daily studies and research to the fullest. In the laboratory, I think I enjoy making tea, which is my hobby. Please feel free to visit our laboratory!

M1 Saori Suga

I spent 22 years in Kyushu until university and came to Kansai to go on to graduate school. I would like to do my best in my research activities while getting used to the environment in Kansai.

M1 Kazuho Toyoshima

Since I was little I wanted to do sth connected with medical. So after I graduated high school I was studying at Europe medical school. But I couldn’t graduate there… Though I couldn’t give up to do sth connected with medical so I chose to study here at NAIST. And in the long run I hope our research can do sth with an organ transplant.

M1 Koki Murata

After graduating from university, I entered NAIST to study again after 3 years of working. I would like to gain knowledge and skills from my research and studies and use them for my personal growth.



Gema Puspa Sari (2018.4-2022.6)

Jonathan Lim Jun-Yong (2017.10-2022.9)

Master's degree

2017.4-2019.3: Syun Kawaguchi, Yuki Kishimoto, Yoshihiro Hirao

2018.4-2020.3: Ippei Kanatani, Tatsuya Nakagawa, Yuya Hatakeyama, Nami Yamamoto

2019.4-2021.3: Iori Nishiura, Yuki Murase

2020.4-2022.3: Norie Arisawa, Taiki Tomoda, Koki Hidani, Wataru Hirata