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Gregor Mendel Institute, Berger Group研究員、久永哲也博士が第17回梅園賞を受賞しました。久永博士は2014年~2018年まで植物発生シグナル研究室に博士研究員として在籍されました。

梅園賞は、梅園基金の設立趣旨に沿って、熱気溢れる時期にバイオサイエンス研究に精進し、バイオサイエンス領域において優れた研究成果(論文発表)をあげた本学の助教あるいはポスドク研究員の原則1 名を顕彰するものです。過去において助教あるいはポスドクとして本学に在籍していた方も選考の対象としてします。対象者が研究の推進に中心的な役割を果たしたと認められる発表論文(2018年6月1日〜2020年5月31日の期間に査読付き国際学術誌に発表されたもの)の学術的価値とオリジナリティの高さに審査の重点が置かれています。受賞者には表彰状と副賞が授与されました。

第17回梅園賞受賞者 久永哲也博士のコメント




Evolutionary insights into plant sexual differentiation revealed by studying the model bryophyte, Marchantia polymorpha

Life cycle of land plants alternates between a diploid sporophyte and a haploid gametophyte. While ancestral land plants are thought to have a gametophyte-dominant life cycle as extant bryophytes do, flowering plants possessed a sporophyte-dominant life cycle with extremely reduced gametophytes during land plant evolution. Due to this reduction of gametophytes in model flowering plants, molecular mechanisms regulating sexual differentiation of gametophytes and gametes, which are critical steps of sexual reproduction, are not fully understood. To untangle this problem, we focused on a model bryophyte, Marchantia polymorpha, which has several advantages for studying mechanisms of sexual reproduction. Using this model system, we identified a MYB-type transcription factor, MpFGMYB, as a key regulator of female sexual differentiation in M. polymorpha. MpFGMYB is specifically expressed in females and its loss resulted in female-to-male sex conversion. Strikingly, MpFGMYB expression is suppressed in males by a cis-acting antisense gene SUF at the same locus, and loss-of-function suf mutations resulted in male-to-female sex conversion. Thus, the bidirectional transcription module at the MpFGMYB/SUF locus acts as a toggle between female and male sexual differentiation in M. polymorpha gametophytes. Arabidopsis thaliana MpFGMYB orthologs are known to be expressed in embryo sacs and promote their development. Thus, phylogenetically related MYB transcription factors regulate female gametophyte development across land plants.



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