Research outcomes

Plant root tips are constrained to a dome shape common to arch bridges

The outlines of organs retain common features in each organ type (e.g. roots and leaves in plants, and beaks and wings in animals) despite diversities across species. In collaboration with Dr. Koichi Fujimoto (Osaka University) and Dr. Satoru Tsugawa (NAIST), we have discovered that plant root tips are commonly converged to dome shape because of physical constraints on their growth. The curve of the dome can be described as a catenary curve, which is mechanically stable and found in arched bridges or a chain hanging between two points. Our finding suggested that plant root tip outlines commonly exhibit a catenary-shaped dome, and propose that its mechanical stability may aid efficient root growth and penetration into the soil.

Dr. Tatsuaki Goh (left) and Dr. Satoru Tsugawa (right)


Plant Developmental Signaling

( March 08, 2021 )