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Professor Yoshiko Takahashi (Graduate School of Biological Sciences) contributed an editorial to Science magazine.

Professor Yoshiko Takahashi (Graduate School of Biological Sciences) was in charge of writing an editorial for the Science, the US academic journal, in the June 10, 2011 issue. Full text is available from the magazine's website.

Editorial, Science magazine, June 10, 2011 issue (Science website)
(* We have permission to link from AAAS. (Science's publisher))

Science is a world leading academic journal. Professor Takahashi has been on the Board of Reviewing Editors. The editorial is usually written by the Editor-in-chief so being chosen to write the editorial is quite remarkable. Furthermore, contribution by a Japanese researcher in itself is extraordinary.

Professor Takahashi was awarded the Saruhashi Prize in 2010, which is given to a female scientist who has outstanding research accomplishments. Her main research theme is the mechanism of body shaping during early development in vertebrates and she has numerous achievements within this. She is now a scientist attracting much attention.

( June 10, 2011 )

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