Prof. SUETSUGU Shiro

Prof. SUETSUGU Shiro

Molecular Medicine and Cell Biology

Please tell us about your own research and what you find interesting about it.

Our research area combines cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and data science. We’ll elucidate, one by one, how the complex structures of cells are formed and how they change. I’m interested in understanding how the complex structure of a cell is formed and how it works and behaves in ways you might not expect.

Please tell us about the difficulties and joys of the research field.

When I do an experiment, I do it with the expectation that it’ll turn out this way, but it’s painful when the experimental results are different from what I expected. I'm happy when I can find the reason something happened differently from what I predicted, think of a method or hypothesis to explain it well, and prove it.

Please tell us about the expected results and social significance of the project.

Since cells cannot yet be artificially created, it’s thought that many unknown mechanisms are still hidden, and I think it’s important to clarify them. I believe that new materials and applications will be born from them.

A message of support for students who are about to take the exam

In order to do research, it’s important to know what is known, so please study your textbooks to acquire a vast body of knowledge.

What do you do to keep yourself fresh?

Outdoor activities.