Prof. Kurisaki

Prof. KURISAKI Akira

Stem Cell Technologies

Please tell us about your own research and what you find interesting about it.

When you observe beautifully ordered various functional tissues differentiated from stem cells through a microscope, you will be amazed at the high degree of reproduction and elaboration of the tissues in vivo. In stem cell research field, we differentiate stem cells in a tissue culture dish, but compared to cultured cells, the accuracy of reproduction of living tissue is breathtaking. Development and tissue formation are amazingly mysterious and perfect phenomena. However, many of their mechanisms remain unknown.

Please tell us about the difficulties and joys of the research field.

Many experiments in our laboratory request well-trained experimental techniques to obtain reliable data. For example, to play long rallies in tennis, you need to improve your technique by basic training. In order to obtain reliable data in experiments, we have to do experiments with well-trained techniques and the specific control samples that can verify the reliability of your data. No one can understand the meaning of unreliable data.

Please tell us about the expected results and social significance of the project.

Although our research is not directly applicable to medicine or drug discovery, we hope that understanding of the mechanisms of stem cell regulation and tissue formation will lead to development of a novel medical technology and drug discovery in the future.

A message of support for students who are about to take the exam

Find your interested things with your heart, make strategies with your brain, and enjoy your research with your well-trained techniques. Research is a very interesting game you can spend the rest of your life. If I were asked to choose just one thing to take with me when I go to a deserted island, I would choose a stereoscopic microscope because the world is full of beautiful and amazing lives.

What websites, books, review articles, and so on, do you recommend for studying in order to apply for the lab ?

Please visit our lab's website.

What do you do to keep yourself fresh?

Walking, travelling, and writing recipes.