Prof. Kato Jun-ya

Prof. KATO Jun-ya

Tumor Cell Biology

Please tell us about your own research and what you find interesting about it.

Basic research on cancer. It’s very deep.

Please tell us about the difficulties and joys of the research field.

It's exhilarating when you're having a hard time finding data and it finally leads to a new discovery.

Please tell us about the expected results and social significance of the project.

Recent progress in cancer research has been remarkable. Cancer will eventually become a disease that can be cured like any other (or, I’d like it to be).

A message of support for students who are about to take the exam

I’d like to see people participate more in basic medical research that will help cure various diseases.

What websites, books, review articles, and so on, do you recommend for studying in order to apply for the lab ?

The Biology of Cancer / Robert A. Weinberg

What do you do to keep yourself fresh?

Good food and good drinks.