Prof. DEMURA Taku

Prof. DEMURA Taku

Plant Metabolic Regulation

Please tell us about your own research and what you find interesting about it.

We’re analyzing the mechanism of the formation of water-transporting cells such as vascular cells and hydroids in plants. Our previous studies have revealed that vascular cells in angiosperms are regulated by a gene shared with hydroids in mosses by using various new methods. Recently, we’ve also been studying the relationship between the mechanical properties of plant organs, such as trunks and branches, and the unique structural and motor properties of plants. Furthermore, by participating in the Digital Green Innovation Center, which promotes bioresearch using digital technologies such as information and devices, we aim to develop new science and its social implementation.

Please tell us about the difficulties and joys of the research field.

My greatest pleasure in conducting research is being able to connect with a variety of people to facilitate my research. In particular, new technologies and ideas cannot be obtained by staying in one place; so, I try to go out as much as possible. Collaboration with researchers in different research fields is also important and something I look forward to; however, in some cases, it is difficult to deepen our understanding, and in a sense this is also a point of difficulty for me.

Please tell us about the expected results and social significance of the project.

Research on water-permeable cells can contribute to society in terms of increasing the so-called plant biomass by leading to an increase in plant productivity in both quantity and quality. Analysis of the correlation between the structural, kinetic, and mechanical properties of plants is being carried out in collaboration with spatial structural engineering for wooden buildings and other structures, through which we expect to create buildings based on the properties of plants.

A message of support for students who are about to take the exam

Enrolling in our university is a good chance to challenge new things without the research content being bound to the field studied in undergraduate school. In particular, we welcome those who are interested in new research that integrates biotechnology and digital technology. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

What do you do to keep yourself fresh?

Wine, coffee, vegetable gardening, strength training, jogging (road and trail), and cycling (gravel and road).