Laboratory of Applied Stress MicrobiologyLaboratory of Applied Stress Microbiology

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Laboratory of Applied Stress Microbiology

Our research is Applied Molecular Microbiology. The aims of our laboratory are basic studies in microbial science, particularly cellular response and adaptation to environmental changes or stresses, and practical applications in new biotechnology. To understand in depth microbial cell functions, we clarify and then improve various functions and mechanisms of microorganisms including yeasts and bacteria from molecular, metabolic and cellular aspects. As the best scenario, novel findings and results of our basic studies can be applied to the molecular breeding for useful microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria), the production of valuable biomaterials (enzymes, amino acids) and the development of promising technologies to solve environmental issues (bioethanol, CO2 fixation). To achieve these goals, we employ research methods in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, cell biology, post-genomic analysis, protein and metabolic engineering etc.

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