Requirement of Students

Admission Policy

Graduate School of Biological Sciences is seeking students such as the following.

  1. Persons who are enthusiastic and eager to elucidate the basic principles of vital phenomena and biodiversity at the molecular and cellular level
  2. Persons who have a strong interest in helping resolve the problems of human society through deep and wide-reaching specialized knowledge of biological science and aspire to become actively involved in a broad range of scientific and technological fields.

Education Program

Graduate school education with a comprehensive curriculum

We provide two graduate courses to meet students' needs for their future careers: a two-year Bio-Expert course, and a five-year Frontier Bio course. We also offer an international course that is taught completely in English and a wide range of lectures covering the deverse fields of biological sciences.

Support for student research and life

We have a strong support system for students to enable them to engage in research without worrying about basic needs. We offer scholarships from the Japan Student Sevices Organization and other public and private entities, and TA and RA funds for distinguished students in the doctoral program.

New graduate university education system

NAIST's efforts to reform graduate university education have been recognized consecutively in programs promoted by MEXT: the Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools (2005 - 2006), the Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education (2007 - 2009), and the Global Initiatives Program for Promoting Overseas Collaborative Research Toward Graduate Education in Biological Science, Nano-science, and Information Technology (2011 - 2016). With support from these programs, NAIST helps students to develop an autonomous and international outlook as part of a graduate university education that is unparalleled in Japan.