Graduation day in Mar

JSPP in Mar

X in Mar

Submission of master thesis in Jan



Nara Marathon in Dec

Promotion to Prof. in Dec

Farewell event/End-year party in Dec

Liu-san visit in Dec

JSBBA KANSAI Student Forum in Nov

JSPB conference in Chiba in Sep 

Twitter 2023 Sep

Internship 2023 in Sep

Summer gift from Wang-san in Aug

Harvest festival in Jul

Progress seminar in Jun

Green lab

Welcome party

Nara park

Graduation day

Alumni visit

Farewell event

Twitter 2023

Online doctoral defense

Submission of master thesis


Welcome party

Twitter 2022 #2

Summer gift from Wang-san

Alumni visit

Group photo (2022)

Farewell event

Graduation day

Twitter 2022 #1


Summer gift from Kobayashi-san

Summer gift from Onoue-san

Online welcome party

New M1 members

Graduation day



Farewell event

Open Campus Display (2020)

Graduation day

Summer gift from Nishimoto-san

Summer gift from Kobayashi-san

Online welcome party


Graduation day

Farewell party

Master defense

Submission of master thesis


Saigo Japanese article accepted

Internship 2019 

Melon party


Group photo (2019)

Summer gift from Nakayama-san

1kg ultra cheese pizza party

Welcome party with Plant Symbiosis lab.

Coffee-Sensory test

Graduation ceremony and Hot pot party by Wang-san

Thank-you party by M2 students

Wrap-up party_2 with Plant Symbiosis lab.

Wrap-up party_1 (Spo-cha)

Master's thesis defense


Year-end party with Plant Symbiosis lab.

Open Campus (2018)

Paper acceptance (2018)

Welcome party for Jay and Wang (2018)

Binational Practical Course at Universitas Gadjah Mada (2018)

Lab Members (2018)

Lab Members (Mar, 2017)

Experiments in Our Lab

Farewell party with Plant Symbiosis lab


Open Campus 2017

International Seminar on Biotechnology at Universitas Gadjah Mada

Summer BBQ

Lab members

Welcome party with Plant Symbiosis lab.