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UCD Online Journal Seminar was held.

The Biological Science (BS) Division, NAIST and the University of California Davis (UCD) jointly hold journal seminars using the remote meeting system in January-March every year. This year marked the 12th year since the program began in 2013. 10 graduate/research students from NAIST’s BS division and 8 PhD students from UCD participated and discussed about the most recent research papers of plant science throughout the 8 sessions.

The unique feature of this seminar is that students, regardless of their grade level or research experience, can help each other and deepen their understanding of important papers in plant science. The two mentors, who take turns providing additional explanations and comments, will also be in charge of each session to help students become aware of potential problems and future development opportunities.

Since FY2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic began, this course has been offered using Zoom. The use of the tools by students has become more sophisticated over the years, as they annotate each other's diagrams shared on the screen and exchange information in real time via chat.

This seminar has been organized by Prof. John Harada of UCD and Prof. Keiji Nakajima of NAIST, but due to the retirement of Prof. Harada, the UCD lecturer has been changed to Prof. Bo Liu from this time. Prof. Harada continues to be involved in student education at UCD and was one of the mentor teachers this year also. The lecturer from NAIST will be replaced by Associate Professor Momoko Ikeuchi starting next year. It is expected that this course will evolve further under the new structure. 

(March 08, 2024)

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