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NAIST EXPO 2023 was held on Saturday, November 18.

NAIST EXPO 2023 was held on Saturday, November 18.

This event, which had been held as an open campus event until last year, has been renamed as "NAIST EXPO" from this year. In order to attract as many people as possible to NAIST, including local residents, this year we held a number of activities such as a free throw experience session with players from the professional basketball team “BAMBITIOUS NARA” and a police car ride experience in cooperation with the Nara Prefectural Police Department. We also had food trucks from famous restaurants and a flea market.
In addition, each division area held "hands-on programs" to introduce the possibilities and pleasures of science to a wide range of people, from children to adults, in an easy-to-understand manner, and those who had pre-registered visited NAIST and got to experience cutting-edge science and technology.

This year, in the Division of Biological Science, we held two experiential programs: "Let's see and touch equipment used in biological research" and "Let's extract DNA from onions". We then set up a "Volunteer Booth by NAIST Bio Alumni", and they enjoyed casual conversations with participants about their research and student life at NAIST, their subsequent progress after graduation, and their relationship with society.
Additionally, we also held a "Mini Lecture for Junior High School Students," and we believe that everyone who participated had a valuable experience.

In the first-floor lobby of Biological Science Lecture Building, several labs introduced their daily research activities and achievements by displaying panels.
There were also a briefing session on entrance exam and a consultation session on graduate school admissions for prospective students, where students eagerly asked questions about specific research topics and entrance examinations, and received advice directly from the faculty members.

Although it was a cold day with very low temperature, "NAIST EXPO 2023", which started this year, was full of enthusiasm and ended with great success. We thank you all for participating in NAIST EXPO 2023.

(November 20, 2023)

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