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Bio JUKU spring 2023 was held.

Bio Juku Spring 2023 was held on February 16 and 17, 2023.

Through their stay in two laboratories, participants experienced the actual research being conducted in the laboratories and deepened exchanges with the faculty and students of the laboratories.

We received many comments from participants.

・I was glad that I was able to not only experience actual experiment activities but also hear many things from students of the laboratories.
・It was good to get a concrete image of research activities.
・I learned a lot about each of research contents.
・They taught me details from the beginning, also I was glad to have communication with the lab students.
・I enjoyed all the experiments I did for the first time. It was nice to know about daily life at NAIST.
・I was glad to be able to ask many things from the students at laboratory.
・It was very interesting to experience the particular techniques used in laboratory. The lab students explained and introduced the important details kindly and they were very easy to talk to.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bio Juku, Spring 2023.
We hope that you will join us again for our other events.


(February 24, 2023)

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