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The NAIST Open Campus 2022 was held on Saturday, November 19.

The NAIST Open Campus 2022 was held on Saturday, November 19.

The Open Campus is an annual event held to introduce the possibilities and joys of science to a wide range of people, from children to adults, by opening up the school facilities and laboratories, as well as to promote the achievements and appeal of researches.

This year, the scale of the event was reduced to the same level as last year, giving due consideration to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. The event was successfully held on site while taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of the infection. On the day of the event, people who had applied in advance visited the school to experience the most advanced science and technology.  

This year’s two ‘hands-on’ programs, which could be enjoyed by children and adults, were carried out. They were “Are microorganisms invisible friends? ~Through experiments and quizzes, learn more about  microorganisms which produce delicious food but also cause disease, ” and “Let’s observe how the body is made 〜a chick egg that  has been warmed for 10 days is actually opened on a petri dish to observe the actual formation of organs, including the eyes and heart.”  

At the "NAIST Bio Alumni's Chitchat and Counselling Corner" which was held for the first time this year, NAIST alumni gathered to talk frankly with participants about their research and student life at NAIST, their subsequent progress after graduation, and their relationship with society.

Additionally, “Mini lecture for junior high school students” was conducted and the students of extracurricular activity group held “Feel the Power of Air!” and “All Instrument Circle NAIST Concert”, etc. We hope that all the participants had a valuable experience.

In the first-floor lobby of Bio-building, several labs introduced their daily research activities and achievements by displaying panels.

There were also a briefing session on entrance exam and a consultation session on graduate school enrolling for prospective students, where students eagerly asked questions about specific research topics and entrance examinations, and received advice directly from faculty members.

This year’s Open Campus was another great success.
We thank you all for participating in our Open Campus 2022.

(November 25, 2022)

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