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UCD Online Journal Seminar was held.

The Biological Science (BS) Division, NAIST and the University of California Davis (UCD) jointly hold journal seminars using the remote meeting system in January-March every year. This year marked the 10th year since the program began in 2013, and 5 graduate/research students from NAIST’s BS division and 8 PhD students from UCD participated. In addition, International Christian University (ICU) joined the program this year, making it an international seminar program in which the three universities collaborate.

In this program, one or two students will lead each of the eight seminars to discuss the latest research papers in plant science. This was done using the Polycom system to link two lecture halls until three years ago, but since last year it has been done using Zoom, with students and faculty participating individually.The unique feature of this lecture is that participants share and discuss data and interpretations of research papers on the screen. The Zoom format fits this feature very well, and the students who attended the lecture found it very meaningful.

(March 11, 2022)

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