Events & News

Events & News

“Open Campus for Prospective Students” was held on Saturday, February 22.

Open Campus for Prospective Students is a biannual event to introduce the biological science division of NAIST to students who are considering graduate schools. This time, we had a new session to introduce NAIST’s career development programs in addition to a seminar for entrance exam preparation and booths of laboratories in the division of biological science. We hope that the event helped participants know better about NAIST and decide to apply to our program.

For further information about NAIST, and for those who could not attend the event this time, below is a link to our website:

We would like to thank all the participants for coming, and for your cooperation with wearing masks and sanitizing your hands. The next open campus is scheduled in May 2020 and further information about it will be posted on our website.

(February 27, 2020)