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The 15th Bio Summer Camp was held on August 21st-23rd

The 15th Bio Summer Camp was held on August 21st-23rd at Millennium hall in NAIST’s main campus. This is an annual graduate program event that aims to facilitate students’ research progress through discussions with their advisors and others, and to promote their presentation and communication skills in English. 

The 110 participants included 47 D1 and D2 students, 15 M2 students who intend to proceed to the doctoral course and 43 professors and external reviewers. Each D2 student was given a 20-minute oral presentation slot. Thanks to individual lessons by our English teachers, the students’ presentations were at high quality as if it was an actual international conference. At the oral sessions, the students not only gave talks but also served as chairpersons, and they had active discussions in English during the Q&A sessions. 

D1 and M2 students presented their results at poster sessions. Prior to their poster presentations, D1 students gave 90-second short talks to introduce their posters. Some students looked nervous, but they tried to attract the audience by presenting a compact summary of their research. Many students and professors from within and outside of their research field were engaged in active discussions, and the lively atmosphere motivated the juniors. 

In November, D2 students will participate in the International Workshop co-organized with the University of California and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We look forward to seeing our D2 students further honing their communications skills.

We had a mixer at the end of the first day, and participants enjoyed casual conversations with others. The success of Summer Camp again in this year was a good opportunity to recognize that students are achieving key goals in the Biological Science graduate program.

(September 17, 2019)

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