The opportunity is offered for those who are interested in taking the examination for the master’s program or doctoral program at NAIST’s Division of Biological Science to tour the division’s labs.

If convenient, you can tour multiple labs on the same day. We encourage you to apply for the Lab Tour, tour the labs you are interested in, and get an idea of the research environment. If you like, we can also provide a briefing about the entrance examination.

Please visit the laboratory list page to see what each lab does.

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    Laboratory List

    ※You may tour multiple laboratories on the same day.
    ※Tumor Cell Biology Lab does not accept lab tour as new students are no longer assigned.

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    ※Please apply at least one week prior to the date you request to visit.
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    After you submit your application, we will send an email from the Secretariat Office of the Division of Biological Science to the address you indicated on the form. If the email does not arrive, please call us at 0743-72-5582.

    ※Please note that some laboratories may be unavailable for touring in certain circumstances. Please also note that for touring the collaborative laboratories, you will need to visit the institute where each laboratory is located.(The collaborative laboratories are not located within NAIST campus.)

    The personal information you provide to us in the application will be used to contact you about the form of Lab Tour and to inform you about student recruitment events and the entrance examination. We will handle this information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies and NAIST’s rules on personal information protection.