Unraveling root growth mechanisms based on spatiotemporal cellular dynamics

Plant Developmental Signaling・ Assistant Professor ・ Tatsuaki Goh

Plant roots grow flexibly, spreading within the soil to efficiently absorb water and nutrients while supporting the above-ground parts. The behavior of cells at the tip is crucial for the root growth. However, as the root tip translocates with its growth, continuously tracking the cellular behavior at the tips has been challenging. To overcome these difficulties, we have developed a motion-tracking microscope with a horizontal optical axis. Here, we introduce the dynamics of cell division and elongation, and the mechanism of precise detachment of the root cap tissue covering the root tip, revealed through time-lapse observation with this new microscope system.


Figure 1 (A) Root growth and cellular organization of root tip in Arabidopsis thaliana
(B) Motion-tracking microscope with horizontal light axis for long-term time-lapse observation of cellular dynamics at the tip of growing Arabidopsis root

Tatsuaki Goh NAIST Edge BIO, e0019. (2023).

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