Interaction between tick novel small RNA pathways and viruses.

RNA molecular medicine・ Assistant Professor ・ Masami Shiimori

Small RNAs plays important roles in regulation of gene expression and antiviral defense. Although small RNA pathways show evolutionary diversity, mechanisms of small RNA pathways in non-model organisms are less well understood. In plants and fungi, RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRP) function in small RNA biogenesis. However, studies about functions of animal RdRPs outside of nematoda were lacking. We focused on tick small RNA pathways since ticks, vectors of pathogens, have RdRPs. Our studies show that tick novel small RNA pathways control antiviral immune response. Here, we introduce the tick novel RNA pathways.


Figure. Role of RdRPs in small RNA pathways
Dicer processes small RNA precursors and processed small RNAs are loaded into Ago. Small RNA-Ago complex regulates gene expression. RdRPs functions in small RNA biogenesis and production of secondary siRNA.

Masami Shiimori NAIST Edge BIO, e0016. (2023).

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